Here are many of our most popular services.

Provides New Flooring Material

Un-finished, pre-finished, engineered, laminate. We provide top quality and national floor association certified hardwood flooring.


Installation of flooring material using nail down, glue down or floating methods. Installation over plywood, chip board, concrete and radiant heat.


Sand and finishing floor after installation or refinishing existing hardwood floors. All our finishes are commercial grade and meet and exceed spread ratio for optimal finish build. Oil base and water based finishes available. These finishes are fast drying for convenience and faster completion. It is possible to apply two coats of finish in one day. We also use fans to reduce the odor of the finishes applied.


If your looking to change the color dramatically or warm up a home with a light color stain we work with you to choose that perfect color to bring warmth to your home. All our stains are manufactured from the same manufacture of our finishes to insure that there are no compatibility issues.


To provide our customers with a dust containment system helps insure our commitment to providing a clean environment during the sanding process. We take great pride in cleaning up the job site before the final coat of finish. This is another way we provide top quality service and happy customers.


It is always our goal to remove all the debris as if we were never really there. Included in our free estimates are services that include waste removal and landfill service. These are not additional fee’s, we include them as a service to set us apart from our competitors as well customer satisfaction.


Screening and coating is a process where we very lightly sand the floor and apply a good coat of finish. This process is to preserve the life of the floor and prolong refinishing. Screening and coating can spruce up a tired and dull floor and give a good sheen and finish build. In some cases this process can remove light scratches and imperfections on the floor. For your convenience this is a one day process


More and more we are adding wood to existing floors. Perhaps your carpet is worn and in disrepair. We can remove the boards at the area the new floor is going and lace in new floor as give that flow from area to area. We can also install new floor so the existing floor does not need to be sanded and finished. If you have a pre finished floor we can determine if the product is available and lace into the existing floor.


Water damage is the most prevalent in the realm of repairs. During our free estimates we check the floor and sub floor with a moisture meter to determine the moisture content. We then determine how much floor is salvageable or remove the floor either partially or completely. Drying equipment is installed and the job site is monitored for progress. All the details are taken care of from start to finish. You don’t need to hire additional companies as we also remove and replace appliances, toilets, baseboards, furniture, floor covering and sub floors if necessary. We work with customers directly or with a restoration contractors or insurance company. We pride ourselves in making this unfortunate situation a little easier for our customers by using top of the line equipment and taking care of the details so you don’t have to. Scratches and gouges are repaired either by replacing the boards and/or sanding and finishing the floor.


CWD Wood Floors, Inc checks job sites and keeps customers, contractors, designers and other sub contractors informed about schedules, time frames, start dates, completion dates. We also monitor the job site and material prior to the start date.


When you hire CWD Wood floors for your hardwood flooring project, all the details are included for your convenience Removing carpet, pad, tack, staples. Removing vinyl, underlayment, tile and hardwood. Removing and replacing base boards and appliances. Landfill services are provided and your job site is clean and put back to it’s original state.


Baseboards, appliances, sinks and toilets, furniture, carpet, vinyl, underlayment, tile and slate.


Grouting between transitions for the fit and finish of your hardwood floor.


During a remodel it maybe necessary to repair or replace sub floor for a proper installation surface. We provide sub floor material, deliver to job site, remove and install sub floor. CWD Wood Floors also preps an existing subfloor for a proper installation of all wood floor materials.


During the job site measure details regarding transitions between wood floors and other floor materials are discussed, included in the estimate and installed during the wood floor installation. CWD Wood Floors wants the final floor to have those attention to details to provide a complete hardwood floor.


Providing a full service hardwood floor company includes providing solid treds, nosing and riser material as well as sanding and finishing of treds and risers. CWD Wood Floors quality of our stairs is unmistakable. Good quality material along with attention to detail sets our company apart from others that claim do provide this service or in recent history, others that may say they install, sand and finish stairs to stay busy in this economic time. We will not be the least expensive for our stair services, however, the price is reasonable when you see your old icky carpet transformed into beautiful wood stairs that will last a lifetime.


CWD Wood Floors, Inc will install wood registers during the installation process. Our wood registers are picture framed on site and are flush to the floor.


Consultation services are provide to provide the flooring material that best suits your needs, lifestyle and décor. Working closely with homeowners and providing free design services ensures your expectation has the best outcome for happy customers.


CWD Wood Floors, Inc provides free estimates. We also provide multiple estimates for material options as well as multiple room options. This provides the customer with options and budgets if deciding on how many rooms they would like to have hardwood flooring in. These estimates can be reviewed and changes or combining the estimates can be delivered for updates.


Distressing, Hand Scraping, Antique edges, Staining, Wide Width Floors, Reclaimed Floors, Barn wood Floors, Custom Inlays and Boarders, Square plugs. CWD Wood Floors, Inc takes pride in our custom floor options. We like to provide our customers with quality service with attention to detail that sets us apart from others. Why can’t you do the same and discuss custom options that set your home apart from your neighbors. Having a one of a kind floor can certainly have that benefit knowing their talking about your beautiful home and hardwood floors in the car ride or walk home.